APEX Advanced Bike Fit

The APEX Advanced Bike Fit is undoubtedly the most popular service we offer and if you ride more than twice a week is probably the service that will benefit your riding most. Utilizing the APEX Bike, gives us much more data allowing us to look at the fit in far greater detail.

BIKE FITTING TIME: 1.5-2 hours

  • Initial consultation to identify rider’s history, aims/goals and any existing issues or injuries.
  • Comprehensive bio-mechanical and anatomical analysis combining functional movement exercises with specific tests to find strengths, weaknesses and any imbalances, the person which identifies limitations, the person may have regarding position.

    apex fit

    Apex Advanced Motion Analysis Software

  • Fully comprehensive bike fit using Apex bike and advanced motion analysis software to find the optimal riding position Specific to the individual, kinetics (forces) and kinematics (movement) of the individual will be studied closely to fine tune position. The fit will cover all aspects of the bike and its contact points. Power, Torque analysis are all used during this fit to monitor improvement to finally improve comfort, efficiency and performance.
  • Subscription of some basic conditioning exercises to try and obtain a more functional anatomy, rectifying any present imbalances/weaknesses.



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