Apex Bike Performance

Sportive Bike Fit

1.5 – 2 hours

Initial consultation to identify rider’s history, aims/goals and any existing issues or injuries.

Comprehensive bio-mechanical and anatomical analysis combining functional movement exercises with specific tests to find strengths, weaknesses and any imbalances, the person which identifies limitations, the person may have regarding position.

Fully comprehensive bike fit using Apex bike and advanced motion analysis software to find the optimal riding position for the individual, kinetics (forces) and kinematics (movement) of the individual will be studied closely to fine tune position for optimum efficiency. whether this be comfort orientated or performance orientated. The fit will cover all aspects of the bike and its contact points. Power, Torque analysis and heart rate are all used during this fit to measure efficiency and monitor improvement.

Subscription of some basic conditioning exercises to try and obtain a more functional anatomy, rectifying any present imbalances/weaknesses.

The Apex Fit System comprises of the bike fit and functional movement screening. This system is the most advanced, revolutionary bike fitting & cycle coaching system in the world. The Apex Bike Fit is the only bike fitting system on the market to quantify why one rider’s position is better or more efficient than another, as well as consider the rider’s neurological and biomechanical function.
The Apex Functional Movement Assessment (AFMA)


Prior to the fit, the client completes 6 exercises that finds the clients biomechanical fingerprint. The results highlight strengths and weaknesses in their body, giving very clear indicators to the bike fitter how the rider is likely to react to any adjustments. More importantly it creates a specific training program for the rider to enable greater gains in the future.

The Apex Bike

Our full servo-assisted bike allows the rider’s position to be micro-adjusted whilst pedaling to find the perfect bike fit. A full suite of monitoring software enables the technician to quantify the fit by tracking power, heart rate, cadence, torque analysis every 1.5 degrees and torque force direction to find the most powerful and efficient position for the rider.

The Perfect Machine for the Cycle Coach

The Apex Bike has been designed for physiological testing as well as in depth position analysis. Most coaches use the Ramp Test, 20min FTP or Critical Power Test to analyse and track a rider’s ability and improvement. The Apex Bike will do all of this with supplied software.

Technical Specifications

– Dual axis control movement of both saddle and handlebar position, adjustable in 1mm increments and accurate to 0.1mm, contolled via Wifi by the bike technician
– True left and right independent power measurements, accurate to within ±0.5%
– Full torque analysis measures in 5 increments throughout the pedal stroke
– Variable magnetic resistance unit, capable of generating in excess of 3000 watts of resistance
– No batteries or calibration for the service life of the bike

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