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Ian’s Looking Focussed For Cross!

Bike fit North East was visited on Saturday by iNFiNiTY CYCLES team rider, Ian Jefferson.


Ian Jefferson

Ian Jefferson

Ian, who is a well respected regular on the North East mountain bike and cyclo cross scene, was here to collect his new Focus Mares CX 1.0 race bike and felt it was time to have his riding position analysed to make sure it was as efficient as it could be!

Ian Jefferson at Bike Fit North East

Ian Jefferson at Bike Fit North East

Prior to the fitting process Ian under went an Apex Function Movement Assessment (AFMA) to determine his biomechancial finger print, which would go on influence his final position. Once onto the APEX bike, his pedal torque cycle and power output where analysed and used by our head technician Luke Parkin to make the necessary adjustments. At the end of the fit, Ian’s power had increased by 5%, with no detriment to comfort,

Ian told us

“The new position feels great and all of the small adjustments make a noticeable difference to how I feel on the bike “.

Ian, will be in racing action at the CXNE event in Durham this Saturday – with his new state of the art race bike and the perfect riding position, Ian is sure to be an influence on the results!

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