Bike Fit Services

Choose Which Bike Fit Service Is Best For You!

Whether you are a newcomer to cycling or race at national standard, you will undoubtedly benefit from one of our bike fit services. Here at iNFiNiTY CYCLES we focus on getting you in the most efficient position for your anatomy so you can get the most from your riding.


APEX Advanced Bike Fit – £150  – EARLY SEASON SPECIAL OFFER £100 – BOOK NOW!!

Performed using APEX’s state of the art fully automated fitting jig this service will find your optimal position for riding, utilizing performance, efficiency and comfort by using motion analysis software, power & torque cycle analysis and innovative fitting techniques. This is undoubtedly the most popular service that we provide, as it gives our fitting technician masses of useful data ensuring the rider is in the best possible position to see what people thought of their advanced bike fit click here. To find out more about this service click here.

Re-fit Session – £50

Typically taking place after around 6 weeks from your initial bike fit. Any injuries or anatomical issues that were present during the Initial fit should have been eradicated through your post-fit programme and the bike can be readjusted to ensure your sitting in the optimal riding position.

Cleat Positioning – £25

One of the most important adjustments that can be made! Your cleat positioning is fundamental to a comfortable riding position. Book in to get your shoes and cleats set-up correctly.