Cube Bike Store’s Paul Bainbridge Has His APEX Bike Fit

Paul Bainbridge from the Cube Bike Store has been the latest of local riders to undergo the Apex Bike Fit with Luke at Bike Fit North East. Here is what he thought..

” Having heard the great reviews from customers and seen the gains they had made from having a bike fit I decided to give it a go. Luke went through what the fit entailed and asked if I was having any issues on the bike from a comfort and performance point of view, before getting me to do a selection of tests to measure my range of movement. Once this was complete it was onto the apex jig. As we proceeded through the fit Luke kept me informed on what was happening and why. Although some movements were quite minor the precision of them made a world of difference – At one point I thought he had reduced the resistance, however it was just the more optimum position making it easier!!! At the end of the fit Luke set the jig back to my original riding position to show me the difference and I could’t believe how uncomfortable it felt in relation to the new position.

After the fit Luke transferred all the new settings on to my road bike and I already feel more comfortable and a lot stronger!

I highly recommend having an Apex Fit with Bike Fit North East @ Infinity Cycles. The Improvement in comfort and power I achieved made it worth every penny!”

Do you think your riding position is as efficient and comfortable as it could be? for the majority of cyclists IT IS NOT!

Read about our APEX Advanced bike fit, Here at Bike Fit North East we are confident you will see gains!