Would I benefit from a bike fit?

The simple answer is yes! Anyone who rides regularly would feel the benefit of a correctly set up bike. Post fit you should expect to feel improved levels of comfort whilst riding and also an increase in efficiency, power output and a smoother, more efficient pedalling technique.

How does your fitting methods vary from others?

These days, there are so many bike fit “systems” and methods employed by different fitters and bike shops. It can be quite confusing wading through all of the available information to find out which fit is going to give you the most benefit. Because most of the “systems” are connected to a specific brand of bicycle, you will often find this is the option that a particular store will offer – this will often be because of the ease of access to the equipment or cost, not because it offers the best solution to optimise the position of the rider. The other pitfall of these “systems” is that they claim to be able to prescribe the best fit for the rider with minimal input from the fitter, thus meaning the fitter requires little or no training or requires any previous experience.
At Infinity Cycles, having invested in the APEX Bike we are able to utilise the most advanced, accurate and quantifiable equipment available and combine that with a Technician who as a cyclist competed at National Level, has extensive biomechanical knowledge and years of experience within the bike fitting field. We don’t advocate any system or method that adheres to a pre prescribed “norm” and prefer to treat every rider as an individual – we are all different after all!

Will I need more than one fit?

During one, two hour bike fit session, the goal is obtain a clear understanding of you, the rider and implement changes to your position to improve your riding experience. In many cases, the improvements from this would be such that the rider would not require a further appointment, however depending on the complexity of the process and ambitions of the rider, further fits could be advantageous . Moving forward, factors such as age and possible future injuries could effect the riders ability to maintain a comfortable position on the bike and in these instances further fits may be of benifit.

What does a bike fit at Infinity Cycles involve?

Initially you will undergo a thorough verbal consultation, giving our  Technician, Luke an insight into your lifestyle, previous riding history, any injury issues and future ambitions as a cyclist. You will then under go a clinical screening which will assess posture, flexibility and functional anatomy, highlighting any issues that could inhibit your riding position on the bike. Before commencing with the bike fit, your cleat position will be inspected and adjustments made as necessary.

Now we are ready to get on the bike!

The fit take’s place on our APEX Bike, which can replicate the geometry and riding position of any bike on the planet! This is an incredible tool, which gives our Technician Luke, a wealth of information that he can use during the process. The APEX Bike is fully automated and is controlled by Luke. Positional adjustments are made whilst you ride, with no need to get on and off the bike. This mean’s you can instantly feel the difference that the changes have made.
Throughout the fit our technician will monitor your riding style, noting any issues and implementing changes to your position as required. Your feedback during the fit is critical; after all, you are the one pushing on the pedals! As the fit evolves we will begin to analyse the information supplied by the APEX Bike, as you pedal. The bike is capable of accurately analysing your pedal toque and also measuring your power output. As your position improves, your pedalling style will become smoother and ideally your power output will increase. This means we can actually quantify the improvement in your riding position.

At the end of the process our technician will take the measurements gleaned from the fit and apply these to your bike – your bike will then be put onto a static trainer for you to complete a short test ride and check the new position.  For your reference, you will also receive a comprehensive bike fit report, which will contain all of the information including, measurements and should it be required a post fit stretching regime, to improve flexibility which could lead to further improvements to your riding position.

If you have any further questions that are not covered please get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.

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