Testimonials to Apex Bike Fit North East

We began offering the APEX Bike Fitting service in April 2014 and thus far have received nothing but positive feed back from our clients.

Here is what a handful of our clients thought of their Bike Fit…


Initially when I first got on the cyclo cross bike I felt really high as if I was tipping over but very quickly got used to it and saw an immediate improvement in position when I got out of the saddle. Did two hours on the same bike today no issues at all and my climbing position out of the saddle is vastly improved and technique the better for it. I anticipate similar results with the road bike. I suppose the fact I’m thinking I wished I had done it sooner says it all.
Tony Avery – 2015

Hi Luke, Just wanted to let you know that after doing 90 miles this weekend my knees are fine. Other bits of me are a bit sore but the bike fit was without a doubt the best thing I’ve done since my return to cycling. I have done a few good rides since the fit but decided to really test it this weekend. It would now be the first thing I would recommend to anyone either returning to or taking up cycling. Thank you for allowing me to continue doing what I really enjoy.
Alan Drew – 2015
Thanks, Luke.  Session was great – and I had a good ride yesterday (if a little on the short side at only 35 miles) to judge it by. Felt like I was pushing a brisker tempo (strava suggests faster and more power) with less pain in the left knee. I could really feel I was getting the ‘pull’ through the shoes to a much greater extent than previously.   Will start the stretching – and interestingly most of the stretches you suggested are the same as the ones my chiropractor has recommended which should give me double the impetus to do them.
Keith Stewart – 2015
Okay……so 5 bikes into my 2 year cycling “career” I decided to go all out and have a bike fit from the ever faithful infinity cycles. So here’s how it went… Before the fit, I was uncomfortable and feeling as if I had to be out the saddle at the sight of the slightest incline. No wonder… The power difference was 30 watts between each leg. Luke spent time adjusting the seat, handlebars, cleats etc and narrowed this down to almost equal power out put. The results were phenomenal….. I am now generating between 8-10% more power!!!!!!! Not only are the results unbelievable but the service from the lads again was superb…… Both bikes have been setup accordingly. Nothing is too much trouble for them. Top marks from me infinity cycles
Miles Crossley – 2015

Hi Luke,Thanks for your time!!I’ve found that the bike fit experience is something that is extremely beneficial not only from a performance point, but also form a comfort point of view.. Although it will take me a few rides to get used to the new riding position, the bike instantly felt more responsive when putting the power down and feels so much easier to climb and maintain speed with less fatigue. Hopefully I can get out on the bike over the next few weeks and things will start to feel a bit more fluid..

I would recommend the service to anyone, not only people buying an expensive bike but anyone spending money on a bike full stop.. Admittedly I was a bit blind to the importance of correct fitting but I know for sure that the bike is now correct for me and that to me is worth more than any carbon seatpost!!
Chris Petch – August 2014
“Dave, Luke and Paul.

Just wanted to say thank you for how you have all looked after me from first inquiry about my new Cube Litening Super HPC Pro, through to bike set up on the APEX equipment and final delivery.
I can only describe the process as very professional and appreciate all the help and advice. In terms of the APEX bike fit, I found this experience to be great and even though my set up is now different, it fits me and my bike; riding the Super HPC Pro feels comfortable and natural, I am sure many miles of enjoyment lie ahead. However, it’s not just important to have the best bike fit equipment (which you obviously have) it is more important to be skilled and understand what the equipment is telling you, and clearly Luke has the skills and knowledge to ensure everybody gets the best out of the bike fit, thanks Luke.
Gary ”
Gary Briggs – April 2014


A huge thanks to Dave and Luke at Infinity Cycles/Bike Fit North East for my bike fit at the weekend. Been out today and found a huge difference in my riding and how much better it felt with the few minor adjustments made. Luke explained the whole process very well at every stage. Although the adjustments to my position were only slight, once the Apex bike was put back to my original position it felt so different and no where near as comfortable. Even the small adjustment of my left cleat has made a difference to my power output. I would highly recommend an Apex bike fit at Infinity even for an experienced rider, you’ll definitely feel the difference and is well worth the expense.”

Mark Wilson –  June 2014

“I had the apex fit three weeks ago with Luke and it has transformed my cycling. I highly recommend this service for anyone who is cycling any distance on a regular basis. Simply brilliant”
Geoff Mason –  May 2014


“To all at Infinity Cycles, I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff following my bike fit today, especially Luke. A very professional and helpful service. He obviously has a sound knowledge and explained everything in detail throughout the session. Everything was then transferred over to my bike and it feels perfect. I would highly recommend the bike fit to anyone thinking of trying it. A great service. Thank you once again. Neil.”
Neil Barrigan – May 2014


I enjoyed the session and did learn a great deal. I have been out on the bike and whether it was psycholoical or not I felt much more comfortable and derived much more power leading to better speed.”
Paul Bannister – May 2014


Hi Luke,

Just wanted to let you know that my bike ride went great. My knee was fine and the bike felt great. I saw Kevin at the physios you mentioned and he realigned my hip, which he thought was a contributing factor also. Not sure what made me better but I’m pretty sure that your input was critical to getting me through the ride.

Thanks very much!
John Jackson – July 2014